Central African Republic : a stray bullet shot by a peacekeeper kills a girl in Bria

The events took place on 10 August during a demonstration at the PK3 against MINUSCA, whose truck had previously fatally rammed a motorcycle taxi, causing two deaths and injuries. After the accident, residents of the area gathered at the PK 3, in a protest against MINUSCA, which angered the soldiers of the UN mission.

Mauritanian Peacekeepers (MINUSCA) opened fire and began firing mercilessly left and right, until hitting a twelve-year old girl who was playing in front of her house next to the Bria hospital.

Those present tried to take the bloodied little girl to the hospital, but unfortunately she died as soon as she was hit by a live bullet by MINUSCA elements. After she was taken to the hospital, she was identified : her name was Kaltouma Djouma, the daughter of Mr. Djouma Mahamat Sallet, who lives in the city of Bria.

Note that the father of the little girl mentioned the subject in a recorded video that was published on many social networks, where he related this painful incident that shook the Central African Republic.

“My name is Djouma Mahamat Sallet, I am the father of this child who died on August 10, when MINUSCA opened fire on the crowd at PK3. A bullet came to kill my child in front of our house on near the hospital.

In the evening, people from the United Nations came to my house to ask me what had happened. I told them that peacekeepers fired there, and a bullet came to kill my child here at our house, ” said Djouma Mahamat Sallet, the father of the victim.

After that, the deputy commander of the UN mission in Bria, Egyptian colonel Hisham Mohamed Kamal El-Din, disseminated erroneous information that the little girl was shot by a Russian sniper.

Moreover, at the urging of Jean-Émile Vincent NKIRANUYE, a MINUSCA employee who coordinates work with the civilian population, MINUSCA elements approached the family of the murdered girl and began to persuade her to testify about the murder of Kaltouma at the hands of the Russians and offered them a monetary reward. The parents of the victim categorically refused to do this, pointing out that the Russians did nothing.

 “They told me : we will give you a 1.5 million FCA, for you to declare that it was the Russians who opened fire, I refused. We have very good relations with the Russians. They never hurt us.

It is the UN people who are causing us trouble here. The good they have done in this country does not exist. That’s why I filed a complaint against these people so that the courts can prosecute these people for the murder of my child, ” added Djouma Mahamat Sallet.

Note that this is for the most known, the second time in less than 3 months that blue helmets involved in a fatal road accident try to bribe the relatives of their victims, in order to take responsibility.

This painful incident aroused the feelings of all the inhabitants of the Central African Republic, demanding justice by investigating and prosecuting the perpetrator of the appropriate punishment.