IWPG Only Peace Conference To promote Knowing DPCW right

– Participants learned to know the importance of DPCW and will be ready to take action for the peace achievement- 35 attendees from Burundi, Cameroon

International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) Burundi held IWPG Only Peace Conference to promote the necessity of the 10 articles, 38 clauses of the DPCW. On March 13th, about 35 people from Burundi, Cameroon centered around the IWPG in Burundi, participated in an Only Peace Online Conference due to COVID-19.

The first program was followed by the Activities video of IWPG and introduction of IWPG. IWPG is an international women’s NGO registered with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC) and has special consultative status with UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The organization is actively working on initiatives such as women’s peace education, international women’s peace networks and plant peace campaigns at community level. IWPG is also actively working with other UN women’s organizations to urge for the support and the legalization of an international peace law called the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

The IWPG’s direction in 2021 is to produce a large number of peace instructors in Peace Lecturer Training Education. At the center of it is the revitalization of the Peace Committee.

DPCW was introduced by Mr. Nestor Nsengiyumva, Representative of USAD. Peace pursued by IWPG is not theoretical but practical. Especially, the existing international law is designed to permit wars if necessary, and therefore it cannot fundamentally prevent wars from happening. Now, the international law of peace should be enacted to establish world peace and sustain it institutionally. DPCW is to be legislated as the legally binding law, which was proclaimed in 2016 by the cooperating group HWPL. This is the true answer for peace which can realize and sustain the world of peace we all desire.

There were presentation speeches by Ms. Mijin Oh, Coordinator of Burundi in IWPG, Ms. Parfaite Ntahuba, The National Coordinator of Friends Women’s Association. Each of subjects were The Need for International Law, Realizing World Peace through IWPG.

The discussion session was representatives from each country shared their opinions. Subject is Creating a bright future for Africa. Speakers were Ms. Parfaite Ntahuba, The National Coordinator of Friends Women’s Association, Oliver Nshom Founder of Youths World, and Student from USAD. They had an enthusiastic discussion on these two subjects are Achieving hopeful future of Africa through peace education, Self development and role of the youth for sustainable peace.

In this Only Peace Conference, IWPG Burundi announced that despite the COVID 19 pandemic, the organization will continue to host online events to further solidify the peace networks and to spread peace culture around the world.