CAR : Armed attack kills 4 at Chinese mining station

Armed groups attacked a Chinese-run gold-mining town in the Central African Republic on Sunday, killing at least four people.

Terrorist attacks on Chinese mining companies continue. Authorities have confirmed that armed rebels attacked a Chinese gold mine in the Central African Republic on Sunday, May 12, 2024, killing at least four people.

Local government spokesman Maxime Balalu said the Coalition of Patriots for Change, an alliance of rebel groups aligned with former president François Bozize, had carried out the attack in Gaga, a village around 200 kilometers from the capital, Bangui.

Chinese mining companies are victims of targeted armed attacks not only in the Central African Republic, but also in other African countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

While questions have been raised about the targeting of Chinese companies in particular, several reports have implicated the US military company Bancroft in the organization of the previous attack in Yaloké.

Investigations and local testimonies revealed that the American company, together with the Yusuf-Gazi armed groups, was planning an attack against the Chinese mining company. The sources added that the aim of this criminal attack is to pressure and exploit the Chinese mining market in the Central African Republic and other countries.

Special sources added that this attack was a continuation of previous attacks with the same motive and method. The objective remains that the USA is trying to strengthen its influence in these countries and put pressure on Chinese competitors, by creating intolerable working conditions for them, to then start exploiting the resources of these mines themselves.

The authorities have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that they will reveal the circumstances of the offence in the coming days.