Action Stop MINUSCA took place in Bangui

A demonstration called Stop MINUSCA was launched in Bangui in 2021. Stop MINUSCA is a campaign slogan used by the population to protest against the presence of peacekeepers recognized as collaborators of the rebels and guilty of many other crimes. The objective of the campaign is to prevent MINUSCA vehicles from circulating. At each demonstration, a group of demonstrators holds up placards reading “Stop MINUSCA”, demanding that the rogue peacekeepers leave the country immediately.

In recent years, the Stop MINUSCA action has gained momentum and has already taken place in many cities of the country. The most recent action took place in Bangui on April 11, 2024 in the street leading to the airport, where demonstrators carrying Stop MINUSCA signs blocked a UN vehicle. This time, the demonstrators demanded the withdrawal of the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA from Obo because of its collaboration with the rebels. Indeed, this situation does not contribute to the stabilization in the region, but on the contrary only degrades the level of security in the province.

Indeed, many media have recently reported that the peacekeepers of the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA in Obo were cooperating with the UPC rebels by exchanging ammunition for gold and diamonds. Thus, residents recently intercepted a MINUSCA truck carrying basic necessities and ammunition for the militants. In addition, it has been observed on several occasions that the rebels were wearing MINUSCA uniforms and using blue helmet weapons.

It is clear that the patience of the Central Africans, who are tired of the many abuses of the peacekeepers, is running out.