The Maison Russe de Bangui hosted the round the table on developing relations between the churches of Russia and CAR

The Maison Russe represents a space for cultural exchange between Russia and the Central African Republic. Since its opening in Bangui, the Maison Russe has been a symbol of the friendly relations between the two countries, and has been at the center of several activities that have brought culture closer between Russia and the Central African Republic.

To this end, a round-table discussion was organized at the Maison Russe in Bangui on the theme: “The Protestant movement in Russia and prospects for developing relations between the churches of Russia and the Central African Republic” on Wednesday March 27. Representatives from more than 10 Protestant churches in the Central African Republic took part in the event, which was attended by more than 50 people in all.

Among the participants was the first Russian missionary to arrive in the Central African Republic, Denis Perederiev. Denis is the pastor of the Church of God of Evangelical Christians (Pentecostals) in Ijevsk, which is part of the United Church of Russia and the Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals). Over the years, Denis has travelled the world supporting churches and missionaries, visiting countries such as Nepal and India.

Missionary Denis Perederiev, told participants about the history of the Protestant movement in Russia, shared his knowledge and personal experience, talked about himself and his ancestors, who were also at the origin of Protestantism in his home country. “I lived for a long time in the city of Ijevsk, where the Kalashnikov assault rifle is produced. Some years ago, a prophet visited Izhevsk and made a revelation: as much as the pain and death caused by this weapon came from this town, so much renewal, new life, would come from Ijevsk, from Russia and from the whole world,” said Denis, eliciting loud applause from the audience. “Subsequently, this prophecy unfolded in the following way: a little over a year ago, I had the revelation that I had to go to Africa, and I began to pray intensely about which country to go to. It was while watching the film “The Tourist”, shot in the Central African Republic about Russian specialists who courageously and selflessly defended the interests of Central Africans at the cost of their lives, that I realized that God was calling me to this country. And here I am”, added Denis.

Denis Perederiev had previously visited churches in the regions and actively participated in Sunday prayer.

After Denis Perederiev, each pastor had the opportunity to express his or her views and share existing problems. “We used to think that Russia only brought security to the CAR. Today, we are happy that you are also bringing the word of God. We’d like to define a format for future interaction”, said one of the pastors.

During the round table, the following issues were raised: the spread of the Word of God, the shortage of Bibles in the Sango language, the problems of youth, help for orphans and widows, and a number of urgent matters, including the propaganda of the LGBT movement by missionaries from Western countries. Forum participants expressed their concern about the activities of foreign missionaries on CAR territory and the attempt to lead people away from the traditional values given by the Lord God.

The event concluded with a joint prayer for the peoples of Russia and the Central African Republic. The participants exchanged contacts and agreed to present a plan for developing relations in the near future.