Two suspects were arrested with a large amount of money and gold bars by law enforcement agencies

The law enforcement agencies continue to do a remarkable job in the Central African Republic. Two Peuhl suspects were arrested coming from Km5 with a large amount of money and valuables in a red Calmera brand car. The suspects are being taken into custody at the research and investigation department in Bangui for investigation.

On February 21, 2023 two people were arrested by the Central African police in Bangui, while they were leaving the Km5 district, in the 3rd district of the capital, for the interior of the country. The suspects were carrying in a private vehicle the sum of 291 million CFA francs and 28 gold bars.

During a check of vehicles in circulation by the security forces that the Central African police officers came across the two men, who were carrying this large sum of money and valuables. 291,941,000 CFA francs and 28 gold bars, this is the entire package that the two suspects were carrying in his car. Leaving the capital in the hope of reaching the hinterland, they were caught in the nets of the police.

The suspects were immediately taken to the Directorate of investigations (SRI) due to the need for an investigation that could reveal the intention to transport this colossal amount of money and these precious stones. Names will certainly be cited to identify all the people involved in this case.

The Director of Cabinet Samuel Tale YEKOMA assisted by the Police officers, Jean Pierre Ngbo Toubakette and the legal Thierry Blaise Angalaka Nzapato was on the scene at the SRI to get to the evidence of the situation.

It should be emphasized that in recent weeks, the law enforcement agencies have strengthened their surveillance. Thanks to the information provided by the public, the police have got their hands on many suspects, both in the capital and on the outskirts.