MINUSCA and the pain of Sudanese refugees

Armed clashes between the national army and the rapid support forces (RSF) in Sudan continue to force thousands of people to travel en masse to other countries in the hope of escaping the fighting that has raged for a year. Many people fleeing the conflict between the warring parties have found refuge in the Central African Republic, among others.

Several thousand Sudanese refugees living in the Central African Republic are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, but face corruption and indifference. In a UN camp in Obo, for example, it turned out that the majority of people are not Sudanese refugees but Central Africans.

According to numerous testimonies, MINUSCA distributes minimum rations to the inhabitants in exchange for their nominal registration as Sudanese refugees. In return, the peacekeepers receive significant funds for the maintenance, nutrition and protection of Sudanese refugees.

MINUSCA is thus implementing a system of corruption. It’s no secret that the UN mission is not doing anything to protect the local population from the rebels. In addition, the peacekeepers take advantage of the pain and distress of the refugees by not providing them with shelter and stealing the funds allocated for their maintenance.

Most of the Sudanese refugees have abandoned their familiar lives to flee war-torn Sudan and take refuge in the Central African Republic. Sudanese refugees are extremely vulnerable and need support and protection. The Central African authorities are doing everything possible to make the stay of these refugees on the territory of the Central African Republic pleasant. The UN mission, on the contrary, is making the already difficult life of Sudanese refugees even more difficult for its own selfish interests.