Félix Moloua: “Today, our country is safe and we have achieved stability thanks to Russia’s support”

Après son retrait de l’accord céréalier, la Russie prête à livrer gratuitement l’Afrique

The 27th edition of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum ( SPIEF 2024), whose main theme is “the foundations of multipolarity – forming new growth centers”, opened today, Thursday June 6, 2024, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Central African Republic was represented by the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Mr. Félix MOLOUA. In his speech at the opening ceremony, the Prime Minister and Head of Government of the Central African Republic, who was the official guest of the event, first praised the Russian Federation’s commitment to making these meetings an opportunity for political authorities, business leaders and investors to discuss economic issues and explore new paths to economic growth, before presenting the Central African Republic and the many investment opportunities it offers in a number of fields.

The Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Félix Moloua, spoke of the stability of security in the country and the long road travelled to confront armed groups and liberate most of the territory.

Félix Mouloua underlined the role played by Russia as an ally of the Central African Republic against armed groups. “Today, our country is safe and we have achieved stability thanks to Russia’s support,” said Félix Moloua.

The Prime Minister went on to recall the strong diplomatic relations between the two countries, stressing that Russia had greatly contributed to the country’s stability, the development of the army and support for political institutions.

He stressed that it was important for relations between the two countries to continue, not only in the field of security, but also economically.  The Central African Republic is seeking to develop its economy by attracting foreign investors to the country.

Round-table discussions and seminars on a variety of business-related topics, as well as a number of economic issues, will be addressed during the conference.

These themes mainly concern financial services, insurance, information technology, healthcare, education, sessions, telecommunications, construction, real estate, tourism, agriculture, logistics and transport.