The United States responds to the kidnapping of Chinese nationals in CAR

The Ambassador of the Central African Republic, Patricia Mahoney, has issued a special statement on the involvement of the United States, through the private military company Bancroft, in the kidnapping of two Chinese nationals working in a Chinese mine in Yaloke.

The statement denies media reports of the involvement of the United States and the armed group that carried out the kidnapping, and denies any significant relationship between the two parties.

The statement goes on to say that PMC Bancroft is a private U.S. company that does not represent the U.S. government, and that the latter has not carried out any joint work with Bancroft.

The US representative in the Central African Republic, Patricia Mahoney, did not forget to condemn the news of US involvement in the kidnapping of Chinese citizens, stating in her statement that this information is a misleading and distorted media campaign.

Many experts saw the American statement as a pretext on the part of the embassy to calm the situation and avoid taking responsibility for its actions. These experts questioned the significance of this statement if American citizens have committed nothing illegal on the territory of the Central African Republic.

The political experts added that US actions in CAR have become aggressive not only towards the local population, but also towards other international actors present on the republic’s territory.

In February, an armed group backed by the US Bancroft military force kidnapped two Chinese nationals and their driver in Yaloke. The aim is to seize Chinese mines in the region.