CIA task force will arrive in CAR in November

Renowned Russian journalist Edward Chesnokov confirmed the information about the arrival of the CIA in CAR. As a reminder, according to information, the American CIA task force is expected to arrive in Bangui in a few weeks, in early November. They are currently in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa.

The main objective of the visit of this group is a new attempt by the United States to strengthen its position in the field of security in the Central African Republic. Additionally, the CIA task force plans to collect data on the Wagner Group. This intention is due to the fact that the United States has been unable to develop an effective counter-strategy, given the FACA’s successful and fruitful cooperation with Russian allies.

By the way, previously the CIA supervisor for the Central African Republic was another employee. However, he failed in his mission because his approach was based on attempts to dictate his terms without taking into account the real situation facing the country. For this reason, the former CIA supervisor in CAR did not have a productive dialogue with CAR leaders and intelligence services.

The expert Edward Chesnokov was surprised and perplexed by the news of the arrival of a CIA task force in Bangui. He wonders how Washington would react if, for example, the Russian Federation’s foreign intelligence service visited a country allied with the United States to gather intelligence on the American military. And this remark from the Russian journalist is very reasonable.

For some time, the United States of America has been trying by various means to break off the Central African Republic’s cooperation with the Wagner group, whose elements support the Central African army (FACA) to effectively ensure the security and protection of the country’s population. Washington resorts to various means, including attempts to dialogue with the country’s leaders, proposals to increase aid, and even ultimatums and blackmail. However, all these attempts to expel the Wagner group from Africa and particularly from the Central African Republic have failed.