Round table against modern neocolonialism in Africa was held at the Russian House in Bangui

This Wednesday, March 06, 2024, on the initiative of the Russian language institute of RUDN University, a round table was held at the Russian House in Bangui, to start the fight against modern neocolonialism in Africa. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation of the CAR, Jean-Laurent Syssa-Magale.

The purpose of this round table is, among other things, to discuss issues of educational and scientific cooperation, mutually beneficial exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as to establish new friendly contacts. Several research teachers from the University of Bangui as well as students participated in this round table.

The Rector of the University of Bangui, Gerard Gresenguet, said that the University of Bangui is very attentive to the theme of this conference, “Neocolonialism in Africa: modern context”, which represents a way to solve the serious problems of our time.

The Representative of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Central African Republic, Consul Ilin Vladislav, informed that the Russian Federation continues to struggle to guarantee the right of peoples to independence and self-determination. “Surprisingly, Russia has also undergone neocolonial practices. For example, for decades, we can see the brain drain, the refusal of Western countries to guarantee the security of the country’s borders. Which caused the conflicts in the East-North. Despite everything, Russia remains determined to support its friendly countries. So, we will not stop fighting for the independence of the CAR,” he said.

According to the Central African Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Jean-Laurent Syssa-Magale, with the development of human capital, it is time to change the paradigm: “After an analysis of what we have experienced, we must be able to orient the visions of things, analyze, because there are small drifts, behaviors, small ways of power. So subjugating people and continuous paternalisms. In the steps, it is necessary to know not to accept things. We have to look people in the eye”.

At the end of the round table, the participants called for this type of event to be held monthly to fight against neocolonialism in Africa.