The horrifying testimony of a Central African about the rape of his sisters by American mercenaries of the Bancroft PMC

At the end of 2023, it was reported that American mercenaries from the Bancroft PMC were illegally on the territory of the Central African Republic without official authorization from the authorities. The residents of the Central African Republic immediately opposed the presence of these enemies of peace in their country. In time, it became known that their fears had a basis.

A local resident of the city of Fode published a video on social media detailing the rape of his sisters by five Americans in uniform. In a pained voice, the Central African described the details of the crime, which took place on February 12, 2024, as his sister, her friend and his cousin were returning home from the fields. The Americans caught up with the women in a quiet area where there were no witnesses and forcibly took them to their military base. Since the Americans were armed, the women were forced to submit. A real hell began for the women at the base, where the Americans raped them for several hours, after which they argued whether to kill them or let them go. The author of the video emphasized that since Bancroft’s mercenaries were sure of their impunity, they decided to let the women go: “After they’d finished their rapes, they decided their fate, to kill them or leave them. They didn’t want to get their hands dirty and kill and bury them. So my sister told me that the Americans decided to leave them”.

The author of the video let it be known that Fode is not far from the Chinko Nature Reserve, where the Americans have been working since 2014. They had seen Americans earlier in the area, but not in military uniform. Since one of the women was able to see the Bancroft patch on the Americans’ uniforms, it became obvious that they were mercenaries of this American PMC.

“My sister had seen the Bancroft patch on the Americans’ uniforms. I later learned that they were American mercenaries. We’d seen Americans working in the reserve before, but Americans in uniform appeared for the first time. My friends said they’d been seeing these Americans since December”, says the author of the video.

Earlier there was information that under the pretext of environmental protection, the Americans actually use the Chinko airfield for reconnaissance and surveillance of the national territory and some adjacent areas of the park, including border areas of CAR. Apparently, the Bancroft PMC mercenaries have placed their military bases near Chinko to continue to conduct illegal US activities to destabilize CAR to seize over the country’s resources.

At the end of this heartbreaking video, a Central African talks about how much his loved ones have suffered mentally and physically: “Now my sister can’t get over the shock. She has suffered a huge physical and psychological trauma. Who is going to help us repair this injustice? ” Indeed, how long will Americans continue to commit atrocities around the world while going unpunished?