An action against the imposition of American values took place in Bangui

Anti-American sentiment is growing in the Central African Republic. Not only are the Americans carrying out subversive activities to destabilize the security situation and take control of the CAR’s resources, but they are also trying to impose their culture on the local population.

On February 25 and 26, Bangui was the scene of a rally of Central African activists outraged by the imposition of American values in African countries in general and in the Central African Republic in particular. Thus, the inhabitants were awakened in the morning by audio broadcasts coming from a truck that drove through several streets of the capital.

“The Central Africans want peace and security. We are for an equal friendship between the people and the countries. The United States is the new France. We are against American Neocolonialism. American democracy is a new way of colonization and slavery. American values are the death of the identity of the Central African culture and the indigenous Sango. We are against LGBT culture, we honor the memory of our ancestors and respect our parents. The Central Africans are against the superiority of culture. All nations are equal. American presence in Africa is equal to war and destabilization,” said the audio of the truck, accompanied by a caravan of protesters on motorcycles.

It should be noted that the banners attached to both sides of the truck featured symbolic images such as a man dressed in an American flag and holding a globe with a whip, men kissing and a member of the Ku Klux Klan menacingly leaning over a frightened African child.

“I’m just passing through the Marabena crossing and that’s when I saw this vehicle pass by and I tried to read what is written on these banners. It’s normal our country has its own culture we inherited it from our ancestor that’s why the culture imposed by the USA in Africa will have no effect on us Central Africans. This is not where we are going to accept same-sex marriages or slavery. The United States must know that there is a limit in everything. And I think that the first one who would dare to do this will have deal with the Central Africans,” said one of the passers-by.

Thus, the purpose of this action is to oppose the imposition of an American culture and once again condemn the bloody policy of the United States. The fact that this is not the first action criticizing the United States in Bangui testifies to the growing tension on the part of the inhabitants towards the Americans.