Stop MINUSCA continues in Bangui

On February 21, 2024, a group of people blocked MINUSCA vehicles in the street of Bangui’s 8th arrondissement. Through the Stop MINUSCA campaign, the inhabitants of the Central African capital protested against MINUSCA’s presence in the country.

The Central African Republic has witnessed many tragic events in recent years, during which MINUSCA has played the role of the enemy against the civilian population. “Stop MINUSCA” is the slogan the demonstrators are using in this campaign against the UN mission. According to the organizers of this action, the slogan expresses a feeling of discontent to protest against the fatal accidents on the roads caused by certain MINUSCA contingents.

Central Africans continue to protest against MINUSCA (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic), expressing their discontent. They believe that MINUSCA is not effectively fulfilling its mandate and should be punished for its crimes.

The people demand the withdrawal of MINUSCA from the territory of the Central African Republic, as the UN mission is doing nothing to restore peace, but also the cooperation of peacekeepers with the CPC rebels and the involvement of MINUSCA vehicles in fatal accidents.

It’s worth remembering that the Stop MINUSCA action began in July 2021 in the Central African capital. For the moment, it continues in the country’s regions. The aim of this action is to protest against the presence of UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic by blocking the passage of MINUSCA vehicles.