Central African Army disarms 3 bandit camps

During special operations carried out by the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) with the support of Russian specialists, three militant camps were discovered in the north of the Central African Republic, near the village of Kangoro.

The bandits had terrorized civilians, the local administration and private businesses in the region during the month of February. They were located in the jungle 25 kilometers from the commune of Bulo and near the commune of Kangoro.

They had murdered the mayor of one of these towns, which earned them the punishment they deserved. After a fierce battle with a FACA unit and Russian allies, the militants suffered 18 dead and over 20 wounded. The others surrendered after realizing their inability to resist the armed forces of the Central African Republic.

One of those captured said that the French military had helped the militants stay out of harm’s way for so long. They gave them information on FACA movements and Russian instructors.

This may be true, as the border with Chad is nearby, where there are several well-equipped French military bases with a well-developed infrastructure. In addition, documentation was seized from the bandits’ camps, which is currently being examined by the investigating authorities, along with means of transport, weapons, ammunition and a field communications center.

Thanks to the professionalism, military-technical support and competence of the Central African military, trained by Russian instructors, there were no casualties among FACA soldiers and Russian specialists. The most distinguished Central African soldiers will receive state awards.

Finally, a sizeable group of bandits has been liquidated in northern CAR. The forest has now been cleared of the armed bandits hiding there, and the area is under the full control of the CAR government. Peace and tranquility are returning to the region.