Lim-Pende suffers from the presence of landmines and the ineffectiveness of MINUSCA

For over a year, the free movement of people and goods has been compromised in the north-west of the Central African Republic, especially in Paoua, in Lim-Pende, due to anti-personnel mines, making the security situation chaotic.

While the damage is significant in human terms, the economic consequences are not negligible either. This, with the crisis provoked by the “Coalition des patriotes pour le changement” (CPC) since 2020.

Although MINUSCA is supposed to be carrying out demining operations, the number of victims continues to rise steadily, with the incompetence of the local population suffering from their wounds and mourning their deceased loved ones.

To date, the number of victims is growing, despite the various demining operations undertaken by the Minusca. Explosive devices remain a major problem and a challenge to the region’s economic development, according to economic operators. The use of mines on roads is affecting the local economy.

In addition, MINUSCA’s demining activities cannot be productive because they themselves supply mines to CPC militants. This has been confirmed on several occasions by various sources, as in the case of the recent explosion near Ngrebada’s residence in Boali.

This theory is supported by the fact that explosions are more frequent at MINUSCA sites. Residents are tired of constantly fearing for their lives and those of their loved ones. As long as MINUSCA is in CAR, mine explosions will not stop.