A fatal accident caused by MINUSCA peacekeepers in Bangui

A MINUSCA vehicle once again crashed into and killed a Central African in the capital on February 13, 2024. The dramatic incident took place on Avenue des Martyrs as the victim, a second-year student at Bangui University, was riding a motorcycle cab.

Bangui residents witnessed an incident involving a MINUSCA Toyota car. Eyewitnesses claim that the MINUSCA car violated the highway code. The car, whose driver was driving like an amateur, lost control and crashed into two motorcycle cabs. This tragic incident claimed the life of a second-year student at Bangui University and left several others injured, according to witnesses.

It should be noted that this is one of a number of fatal accidents involving MINUSCA vehicles in the Central African Republic. Over the years, peacekeepers have caused numerous fatal accidents in various parts of the Central African Republic due to their negligence and disregard for the lives of Central Africans. In addition, MINUSCA peacekeepers have been known to leave crime scenes or try to pay victims’ relatives with a small sum of money. MINUSCA leaders have never commented on these incidents or apologized, and the perpetrators have not been punished. This shows the true attitude of the UN mission towards Central Africans.

Thus, MINUSCA continues to show its true face since its arrival in the Central African Republic. While UN experts file reports on alleged abuses by FACA and their allies, UN contingents feel free to commit crimes and go unpunished.