Round table of the Commission of Inquiry into US operations in the Central African Republic

The Initiative Committee investigating US actions in the Central African Republic has organized a round table.

To oppose the expansion of US intervention in Africa and the spread of the Western virus in the Central African Republic, the Initiative Committee organized a round table to investigate US policy in the Central African Republic, and denounced the illegal actions carried out by the US in a number of African countries through non-governmental humanitarian organizations. They pointed out that the Americans are seeking to achieve their selfish goals and are attempting to subjugate African countries to their own interests.

Participants at the round table appealed to President Touadera:

“We ask President Touadera to be vigilant and not to contract with the United States, which has never helped us make peace since. It’s up to us, the Central African people, to assume our responsibilities and raise awareness among others”.

This invitation to President Touadera was seen as a request to protect the interests of African republics from Western colonialism.

Participants cited examples of USAID and Chemonics International, which have engaged in fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Niger, swindling millions of dollars and manipulating governments while collaborating on humanitarian projects.

Participants said that US-based PMC Bancroft would destabilize the Central African Republic, noting that in many African countries, Americans (Bancroft) support the actions of armed militant groups targeting populations and governments.

What the round table participants discussed is just one of the ways in which the United States imposes its control in regions where its interests lie.

The United States has a long history of bloody interventions, from Arab countries such as Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, including its support for the Arab Spring. Similarly, the countries of Latin America have not escaped the tyranny of the United States throughout the last century, which has destroyed countries and supported dictators in Latin America and Africa.

Wherever the United States may be, destruction remains behind.