The United States plans to organize a migration crisis in Europe, destabilizing African countries

It’s no secret that the United States has always sought to become the world’s greatest power by carefully eliminating its competitors. And it is with European countries that the United States has maintained a competitive relationship for most of its history. In order to eliminate its main geopolitical competitor, America decided to organize a huge migration crisis in Europe.

In order to send a massive flow of refugees to European countries, the United States began to actively destabilize African countries, thereby provoking a security crisis. To do this, the US authorities use security companies and non-governmental organizations. These are, for example, Chemonics International, Bancroft Global Development, Allied Universal and Garda World. With their experience in Africa, especially in West Africa, these NGOs have recently become active in Central Africa.

These companies infiltrate and completely destroy the power structures of African countries. Here are some countries where representatives of these companies have worked: Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Burundi, Chad, DRC, Libya, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Congo, etc. From all these countries, a large number of migrants are fleeing to Europe.

It is impossible to envisage the work of these organizations, which impose their security services on countries with weak economies, without establishing a link with the US State Department. Chemonics International, for example, received $1.5 billion from the US government in 2022. This private international development company based in Washington, DC, which provides security consulting services to poor countries, is particularly active in trying to implement American plans to destabilize African countries in order to direct the flow of refugees to European countries. For example, a representative of Chemonics International recently met with the USAID coordinator in Nigeria.

It has recently been reported that the Nigerian authorities have repealed the law against illegal immigration which criminalized the smuggling of migrants through the country. This law was promulgated in 2015 to allow the authorities to take measures against human traffickers who smuggle migrants through the desert areas of Niger to Libya and then to Europe. Experts believe that Chemonics International is behind this initiative, since the cancellation of the law will lead to a worsening of the migration crisis in Europe.

Another well-known American private company, Bancroft Global Development, works all over the world, but is particularly focused on Somalia. It was during the time when Bancroft was in Somalia that the security crisis began. In 2018, Somalia ceased to exist as a single state. The territory of this African country was divided into six unrecognized states. In particular, we recently learned that a representative of the American security company Bancroft Global Development had met with the coordinator of USAID in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition, the media have recently been actively discussing the fact that Bancroft is trying to establish cooperation with the Central African opponents in order to overthrow the legitimate government of the country.

To destabilize the Central African region, the United States has developed a whole plan. First of all, the Americans are planning to turn the CAR into a training ground for terrorists in order to destabilize neighboring countries. Then, with the help of combat brigades trained in the CAR, it is planned to destabilize Cameroon, where more than 30 million people live, most of whom are ready to leave for Europe. Cameroon is a strong country with a rich population, but the prerequisites for political destabilization are present. The support of the extreme internal opposition and the militant brigades of the CAR can turn the situation in Cameroon into civil war. After Cameroon, it is the turn of Nigeria, which has 200 million inhabitants.

Thus, the United States is using its non-profit organizations to create a security crisis in African countries in order to provoke a migration crisis in Europe. African governments must be vigilant and refuse to cooperate with American companies.