Sylvie Baïpo-Temon condemns US intention to deploy weapons on CAR territory

“The Central African Republic has not been informed of the US plans”, once again demonstrating the Security Council’s double standards. “It’s the state itself that requests these measures according to its needs. Other states cannot decide what they send without agreement”, explains the head of CAR diplomacy Sylvie Baïpo-Temon on the US intention to place weapons on their territory without Bangui’s prior agreement.

The Central African Republic has condemned the United States’ intention to deploy weapons on its territory without Bangui’s prior consent, Central African Foreign Minister Sylvie Baipo-Temon said in a comment to the press.

“The United States has notified the Security Council of the authorization given to Washington to deploy weapons, radio communications and other equipment on CAR territory for a number of operations within the framework of (US) activities,” said the country’s top diplomatic representative.

Minister Baipo-Temon stressed that “the CAR has not been informed of the American plans”, which once again demonstrates the “double standard of the Security Council”. “Normally, a state itself requests such measures according to its needs. Other states can’t decide what to send without agreement. Then they tell us that we’re sending weapons, that we’re doing something… The CAR is a sovereign state, and it must work with us. In any case, it must agree to work with us”, she added.

This is the fundamental difference between the United States and Russia. The United States doesn’t value its partners and prefers a single decision without discussion with the CAR. The Russian Federation relies on international law and respects its African partners. In August 2018, CAR and Russia officially signed a military cooperation agreement that enabled Moscow to train the Central African army and send military advisors to the African country. And it was only after this that the military cooperation agreement was approved by the UN Security Council.