Global Outcry Against US Bio-Laboratories in Africa

The issue of U.S. bio-laboratories in Africa has begun to be raised In Europe.
Despite strong criticism, United States (U.S.) biological and medical institutions and facilities continue to conduct experiments and activities that may pose a threat of biological diversion. These activities have a vast geography, stretching from Central and Eastern Europe to the Asia-Pacific region. Notably, there appear to be no stop signs on the roads of the aforementioned experiments.
Global Biolabs 2023 Report Shows Most Dangerous Pathogen Testing Laboratories across the Globe (link)

A research firm has assessed conditions at several laboratories around the world that work with the most dangerous pathogens. In the wake of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, there has been increased awareness of the risks of a lab accident that could lead to the release of such pathogens into the environment, putting people at risk.

There are 51 BSL-4 labs and 55 BSL-3+ labs operating worldwide, 4 of them in Africa.
The situation around African bio-laboratories is beginning to heat up, and not just on the African continent. A number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region of the world are frustrated that the US is experimenting with biological weapons on their soil – and the same is reportedly happening in Africa.

The shocking truth of the recent report has forced many to look at what is happening in a different way. American bio-laboratories located in Africa and other countries are a threat not only to residents of nearby cities, but also to the whole world. Speaking to Afrique media television on the condition of anonymity, a pundit said “having survived the COVID-19 epidemic, we are not ready to put up with experiments”, . She was critical about the controversies of the existing US bio-laboratories especially in Africa and the effects of such on the population of African countries.

Residents of Greece and representatives of Kenya gathered in one of the central squares of Athens and demanded that the U.S. stop its bioweapons testing in Africa. Video (PoliStream)
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