Saturday, 2nd of September 2023 Things are really worsening for Ismail Omar Guelleh (IOG).

For a little bit more than two weeks, South African authorities have seized all the assets Ismail Omar Guelleh and his family had deposited in various banking institutions in the country.

All those assets amount to the astronomical and unimaginable total of 2.315.000.000 American dollars.

As a matter of fact, South African government, through the BRICS summit, had summoned IOG to explain where all those massive funds come from.

In order to justify himself and get the money unlocked, IOG had hired three well renowned lawyers, a French, A South African and an Indian based in South Africa with Canadian nationality.

Unfortunately, despite their reputation and the lofty fees of 800 000 American dollars they swallowed in this very short period of time, those lawyers proved useless as South African authorities rejected their request and kept the funds seized.

That led IOG to insult his lawyers out of rage, as he is used to do.

According to information gathered, it seems that South African authorities have acted on the request of American and British governments following Djibouti condemnation by the District of Columbia Court to wire 486.000.000 American Dollars after DP World sued IOG regime.

As the latter didn’t pay the required amount even after several reminders, Americans and British decided to seize IOG’s, his family’s and his accomplices’ personal assets.

The same court in Columbia has also written to French and Swiss authorities in order to ask them to block IOG’s and his relatives’ accounts.

Based upon this request, Swiss authorities have already written to IOG regime to give him notice to quickly pay the requested amount, failing that all his personal assets would be frozen.

The most ironic of all this is that in the frame of a 24 years reign, IOG and his family never did the single difference between their personal assets and those of the Djiboutian State. Those taking legal action against them today aim at their personal assets on behalf of the Djiboutian State. A fair backlash, some would argue.

Beyond this seizure taking place in the context of the DP World trial, an even more cruel reality is unfolding: the real end of IOG regime and the Mamassane clan.

On the military side, things are also terribly worsening with on the one hand the military setback the Somaliland government suffered against the Darood from Lascanood at the military base of Goojacade on August the 25th.

1 000 Somaliland soldiers are reported dead and some soldiers among them Issas out of Djibouti were captured.

Since this setback occurred, Somaliland is preoccupied with one thing only: intensify the war against the Darood through a larger conscription.

Hence the impossibility for IOG to receive help from Somaliland which is going into a total war.

On the other hand, in order to balance the loss of western military support, IOG rushed to Moscow the finest members of the Mamassane clan. At the forefront was the great colonel Mohamed Djama, chief of the “republican” guard: he was sent to Moscow to deal a military partnership as if it could be done in a snap.

There too, IOG harvested failure and deception. Russian defense ministry spoke very harshly to the Mamassane delegation, calling IOG regime very versatile and unstable.

“Tell us first what your side is”, was criticized the delegation in Moscow. It was very close Russian didn’t call them crooks.

As a matter of fact, Russians still did not forget IOG refusal to build a naval base at Obock many years ago. IOG reason to refuse: only because Obock is an Afar region!

Not only has IOG refused the Russian naval base but strengthened by the western support he had at the time, he did so with much arrogance. As if western support was to be given for ever.

IOG, who long considered himself the real genius in the Horn of African, has lost out on all counts. Without any exception.

Only out of a vision of hatred toward the Afar.

Even if IOG and the Mamassane clan show confidence in public, their fate is sealed.

And as we already wrote in our past release, soon when the stonework houses will shake under the FRUD assaults, them and all the Issas they brought from abroad won’t have the time to flee.

That day, Djibouti will come back to his children.

That day, it will be the end of the famous malediction uttered by Bourhan Bey more than a century ago: “Djibouti ta’kul 3iyaalaha wa tirabbi 3iyaala naas”.