Central African Republic: Air attack targets cotton factory in Bossangoa

On November 28, an air attack was launched against a cotton factory in Bossangoa, the capital of the Ouham prefecture. The aircraft coming from Chad dropped projectiles on the Bossangoa cotton ginning factory.

According to the experts and authorities this is a new tactic by the rebels. The rebels use aircraft to cause economic and other damage to the Central African Republic.  Intelligence services sources insist that the terrorists are planning to actively use drones and light aircraft to attack the Central African Republic, including the release of dangerous chemicals over populated areas of the country. The first report of such tactic has already reached the local authorities of the Ouham prefecture: the local population of the Méri village, north to Bossamgoa, reports that light aircraft was dispersing suspisoius powder over the village and around.

The National Assembly, having the most reliable information on the case, through its president Simplice Mathieu Sarandji, condemns the bombing of the former SOCADA by an unidentified aircraft. This through a press release made public on Monday, November 29, 2022 that the president of this institution has personally signed the said document.

“This odious act, which is extremely serious, is likely to cause real unrest among the peaceful Central African people in general, and the people of the Ouham prefecture in particular,” said Simplice Mathieu Sarandin, President of the National Assembly of the Central African Republic. – said Simplice Mathieu Sarandji.

The prefect of Ouham, Barthélemy Ouilikon, assured that the security situation in the city of Bossangoa is under the control of the government, announcing that an investigation into the terrorist attack has been launched.

He also asked the population of the Ouham prefecture to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious movement to the regular forces so that the necessary measures can be taken to avoid such a tragedy.

The CAR government is doing everything possible to ensure the well-being of the population, pacify the country and thus contribute to its continued political, economic, social and environmental development.