The Wagner Group is expanding its presence on the African continent

The Wagner Group is expanding its presence on the African continent

The private military company Wagner is currently negotiating with several African countries to provide its services. Agreements are likely to be concluded at the Russia-Africa Forum and the BRICS Forum in the Republic of South Africa.

Russian specialists in the field of security are increasingly in demand, as they achieve the best results and cost significantly less than American and European proposals.

According to the information available, various forms of cooperation are being discussed, in which even Western companies can act as co-investors, but the condition of the Russian side is not to go against the interests of the Russian Federation.

There are also reports of negotiations with representatives of Asian and Latin American countries.

Among the many existing PMCs Wagner PMC definitely stands out. Its extensive experience in Africa, including a huge number of successful operations against jihadists made Wagner the most recognizable PMC in the world.

For example, in Mozambique in 2019, Wagner specialists provided security for the elections, including in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, where terrorist groups affiliated with ISIS have settled. In the Central African Republic, the Wagner greatly helped the government of the country to cope with the militants: in a few months, they managed to recapture territories that had been under militant control for years. Also, the Wagner PMC has shown significant success in operations in Syria and Mali to combat radical Islamists.

Among other things, the Wagner PMC has experience in conducting operations in the desert, in urban areas, in the jungle. Professionalism of Wagner-fighters is also demonstrated by the fact that the PMC demonstrates astounding success in the battlefields of Ukraine, fighting against the army, armed with the most advanced Western weapons.

The proven effectiveness of  PMC Wagner, the wealth of experience of its seasoned fighters and the determination of its leaders to honour their commitments make it undoubtedly the best choice for resolving armed conflicts in various African countries.