Russian instructors continue their activities in the Central African Republic

Recently, many French media launched a new false campaign about the withdrawal of Russian military specialists (COSI) from the Central African Republic, known as “Wagner”. In order to counter this campaign, which would negatively affect public opinion, this misinformation was denied by several Central African Government representatives and Russian COSI instructors.

Paris continues to seize the opportunity to destabilize the African continent, and this is the situation we see today in the Central African Republic, which is exposed to one of these false campaigns on social networks and news sites under the control of France.

In order to deal with these campaigns which would destabilize the country, the spokesperson for the government of the Central African Republic, Mr. Albert Yaloké Mokpème, yesterday held a press conference, during which he reassured the population of his country, and confirmed that the preparations for the referendum are in full swing, because the will of the people is the main priority of the President of the Republic and of the government.

Government spokesman Mr. Mokpème also denied all reports of the withdrawal of Russian instructors from COSI, pointing out that there is a planned rotation of employees and that the number of Russian instructors is expected to increase by here is the day of the referendum, which is to be held at the end of this month.

For his part, Mr. Alexander Ivanov, the Head of the Russian instructors present in the Central African Republic, published an official statement, where he answered many questions on the continuity of the exercise of their functions in the Central African Republic, According to his official statement published on July 10, 2023, the Head of COSI confirmed that the Russian specialists will remain in the African Republic and continue to perform their duties in a normal capacity and nothing to worry about.

Remember that since 2017, Russian instructors have been working in the CAR. During this time, we managed to turn from one of the most dangerous countries in the world, where the government controls only a few districts of the capital, to the Republic becoming a safe place for the life and development of the local population.

According to Ivanov’s statement, the Central African Republic, thanks to the partnership with Russian instructors, was able to lead a peaceful life and liberate most of the country’s lands, but Russian military specialists remain indispensable to the Central African Republic, where the threat of external aggression and provocation persist.

Alexander Ivanov also added that they have obligations towards the Central African government and the people of this country, and he has already spoken with Mr. Yevgeny Prigozhin and confirmed for his part that assistance to the Central African Republic will continue in full cooperation with this beautiful country.