MINUSMA in Mali: good or bad?

Relations between Mali’s Transition Government and MINUSMA have been very tense recently. The organization, whose official objective is to support the civilian population, has made numerous negative statements and accusations. Mali’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying to refute these unfounded accusations against the Malian army.

It has recently been reported on social networks that French soldiers are at the MINUSMA base in Kidal. However, according to a March 20, 2023 report from the UN mission, no French troops are deployed there.

After the withdrawal of the French army from Mali, the only way for the Élysée to continue to influence the security situation and transfer arms and intelligence to terrorists was through the MINUSMA mission.

That’s why France’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, in his speech on June 13, 2022, insisted so much on extending the mandate of MINUSMA in Mali. This would allow the organization to pursue France’s strategy and destabilize northern Mali. The objective of destabilization is clear: to increase its influence in the country in order to continue to have access to natural resources.

It should be noted that Malian authorities have repeatedly accused France of supporting terrorist groups and destabilizing the security situation in the country. In August 2022, Mali even insisted on calling an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to present evidence of Paris’ “acts of aggression. France has been accused of violating Mali’s sovereignty, supporting jihadist groups, spying and repeatedly violating airspace.

It is this air “support” that MINUSMA is demanding as a condition for the extension of its mandate in Mali, thus reaffirming its adherence to the French strategy.

“For this new mandate, France will also propose to continue its air support to MINUSMA,” said De Rivière.

On the other hand, MINUSMA has created many difficulties for the Malian people by relentlessly publishing allegations of human rights violations by the Malian army in its reports. The Malian people, who actively cooperate with the country’s armed forces to jointly address terrorist threats and who see their efforts and sacrifices, are tired of hearing unfounded accusations from MINUSMA.

More and more voices are being raised on social networks calling for an end to MINUSMA’s involvement in the country’s life so that peace and harmony can be established as soon as possible. In any case, the fate of the UN mission will be decided by the end of June 2023.