Africa confirms its independence at the parliamentary conference “Russia-Africa”

“No matter how many people would like to isolate Russia, it is impossible to do so,” Vladimir Putin launched on September 7, 2022, during an eastern economic forum in Vladivostok (Russian Far East).

The strong presence of representatives of the African continent these days on the occasion of the second parliamentary conference “Russia-Africa” has completely confirmed the words of the Russian President.

The deputy Chairman of the Russian Duma (parliament), Pyotr Tolstoy, said that Russia “is never isolated and that it is now selective for the choice of its friends”.

“The last few days have shattered the myth of Russia’s isolation. The Westerners can no longer be our partners in all areas of cooperation,” the Vice-President added, commenting on the results of the conference.

In turn, the African countries have proved that they are not puppets in the hands of the West and that the era of colonialism and slavery is over, because the African continent no longer takes permission before cooperating with certain countries.

African countries, or most of them, have become completely independent and it is they who choose with whom to share their future.

Pyotr Tolstoy recalled that 40 delegations had participated in the conference. “Following the conference, the joint work will be evaluated and concrete decisions will follow and the signing of documents enshrining cooperation with the various countries,” he added.

The Vice-President added that there were, of course, countries that succumbed to pressure from the West and did not dare to visit Moscow, but most of the delegations were present “.