“Russia-Africa summit faces US disruption attempts”, says Mikhail Bogdanov

In recent years, relations between Russia and many African countries have grown, with the partnership experiencing significant expansion in several areas such as military, political and economic.

Indeed, a Russia-Africa summit will take place in Saint Petersburg in July 2023, with the presence of African leaders as part of the strengthening of cooperation between Russia and the countries of the continent.

In this context, the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the countries of the Middle East and Africa, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov shared in an interview with the Russian News Agency “TASS” information on Russia’s ambitions at this summit.

During his meeting, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that before a few months of the planned summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia and African countries are facing a big campaign of disruption from the United States of America. , who are trying to stop the development of Russian-African relations, which they consider a threat to its influence on the continent.

“Indeed, the United States and its allies are waging an unprecedented campaign to politically and economically isolate Russia and Since the beginning of the special military operation, the Western collective has greatly increased the pressure on African countries – by the threat sanctions, the end of financial and humanitarian aid,” he added.

Currently, according to the Deputy Minister, Moscow is taking the necessary measures and preparing for the smooth running of the event and its agenda with the Africans is being worked out.

“We have received confirmation of participation in the next summit from the leaders of the states of the continent, and this is for us a signal of support in principle from an important bloc of countries, despite the enormous pressure from the West,” he said. stressed Bogdanov.

The development of partnerships between Russia and Africa is a positive step for the future of the continent, following the failure in all aspects of African cooperation with Western countries in recent years, where most of the countries of the Sahel experienced a major security, economic and political collapse.