The Head of Russian Instructors in the Central African Republic talks about recruitment policies in the Officers Union

Alexander Ivanov, Head of the Russian instructors who work in the Central African Republic, spoke about the possibility of recruiting former Wagner fighters including former prisoners who participate in the special military operation in Ukraine.

Russian specialist from Officers Union have been working the Central African Republic since 2018, but in 2020 their support proved to be crucial in saving the country from genocide and bloody war.

Now the government of the Republic, interested in further strengthening of the security situation in all of the country, has informed the UN that they invited more Russians instructors to enhance training programs for the national defense and security forces.

The Head of the Officers Union for International Security, Alexander Ivanov was reached out to comment on recruiting policies and requirements for the specialists, who would like to join the ranks of Russian instructors in the Central African Republic.

Alexander Ivanov stressed out that the standards in the Officers Union are very high and they look for seasoned professionals with extensive experience. Regarding those, who are currently taking part in the special military operation in Ukraine, the Head of Officers Union pointed out, that these people are working in very difficult environment, so the experience they gain is of uttermost value.

“All those who have successfully completed their contract in the special military operation zone can count on us to continue their career and become instructors in the Central African Republic,” said Alexander Ivanov.

Commenting on the possibility of former prisoners joining the Officers Union, Alexander Ivanov confirmed that they can apply through the same procedure as others. “Everyone knows that the volunteer-prisoners’ performance in the special operation was applaudable. I think one day their efforts will become legend. Thus, it will be a great honor for us, if they decide to join us,” says Alexander Ivanov.

Also, the Head of the Russian instructors stressed the experience and skills former prisoners acquire during their time with PMC Wagner.  “They received excellent training in the PMC Wagner, and then worked side by side with Wagner members who were not prisoners. I know that they developed excellent and highly professional relationship. No conflicts, just working together to protect our homeland. Specialists with such experience will certainly be useful to us,” concluded Alexander Ivanov.

The press service of the private military company Wagner issued a statement by the founder of the PMC, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, in which he indicated where his soldiers could continue to work after the end of the mission in a special military operation in Ukraine. According to him, the Wagner soldiers will be able to join missions in Africa when their services in Ukraine are no longer needed.