The authorities in Bangui arrested a Chadian colonel at the airport

Chad has long been known for its attempts to destabilize the CAR. There have been numerous cases of military aircraft illegally flying over Central African cities from Chad. It is also no secret that Chadian mercenaries have caused the most civilian suffering in CAR. Chad is the training base for the mercenaries who then invade CAR and terrorize the local population. Another attempt to wreak havoc in CAR occurred most recently when a Chadian colonel arrived in the country to stage a coup.

According to sources close to the Defense and Security Forces, on February 8, 2023, Colonel Khamis Zourgane Abdoulaye of the Chadian army arrived in Bangui from N’Djamena. As indicated in the accompanying documents issued by the Chadian side, he is not in CAR for work, but for personal reasons. Khamis Zourgane Abdoulaye says he does not speak French, only Arabic. But when contacted by an interpreter, he could not explain the real reasons for his trip.

According to the latest information, this Chadian came to Bangui in his capacity as a liaison officer and leader of Chadian terrorist cells located five kilometers from Bangui, whose activities aim to overthrow the current government of the Central African Republic.

The international community should take note of the fact that attempts to destabilize the CAR are being carried out by Chad. This is because Chad is a puppet of France, which does not want to lose its influence in its former colonies like CAR. Paris seeks to overthrow the Central African government, which it can no longer control, and bring its protégé to power. This is why France is funding Chadian mercenaries to stage a coup in the CAR, which has become much more difficult since the FACA has grown considerably in strength.