AXIAN expands its support for african businesses and innovation with new investment unit

Axian Group, a Pan-African conglomerate, is launching AXIAN Investment to oversee two new investment activities: its Private Equity and Venture Capital funds and its direct investments in fledgling technology startups across the continent. A first for an African-focused company, consolidating this broad range of investment activities under one brand reinforces the group’s position as a first-rate investor in the region. Its objective is to grow alongside the African market and empower businesses across the continent to create value.
AXIAN Investment will enable the group to share its resources and experience both directly and indirectly, supporting businesses at different stages of maturity. It will empower AXIAN Group to deliver an even broader positive impact through diverse yet synergised investments, reaffirming its commitment to support entrepreneurs and create shared and inclusive values. Meanwhile, supporting Africa’s growing position within the global economy.
AXIAN Investment is mandated to manage both the wider group’s investments in venture capital and private equity funds, such as Partech Africa, Disruptech, Amethis, African Development Partners, Actis Energie, Emerging Capital Partners and Adenia.

Concurrently, AXIAN Invesment’s Corporate Venture Capital arm will invest directly in disruptive African technology startups such as MaxAB, LipaLater, Djamo, Jetstream. Chari and Zazuu. The group’s initial mandate, which governs alternative investments and was adopted in 2017, led to investments in 20 Private Equity and Venture Capital funds across the world, but with a strong regional focus on Africa.
Only a recent participant in the African tech-enabled startup ecosystem, AXIAN Investment through its CVC arm has closed one deal a month over the past year. Today, its CVC arm is a minority shareholder in 10 startups. AXIAN Investment intends to ramp up this activity in order to become an established first-rate investor acrossthe technology sector(including in fintech, e-commerce, healthtech and logistech), create synergies between innovative startups and the group’s other business lines.

AXIAN Investment will enable us to invest strategically in both Private Equity and Venture Capital, empowering
businesses to create more value while contributing to economic growth in countries across Africa. Consolidating both
branches of investment activity under one roof will allow us to reinforce our standing as the group’s lookout-point
seeking innovation and opportunities across the continent. Our involvement in 77 businesses across 28 countries in
Africa via both direct and indirect operations will allow the AXIAN Group to leverage this broad presence to become a
first-rate, pan-African investor. Hassane Muhieddine, CEO of AXIAN Financial Services.

AXIAN Investment is mandated to manage the AXIAN group’s investments in funds and directly in fledgling African technology startups. Through these two lines of expertise, AXIAN investment will bring the group’s support both directly and indirectly to businesses at various stages of maturity. As of 2022, it had interests in 130 businesses across 48 countries, including 77 businesses across 28 countries in Africa. AXIAN Investment aims to be a first-rate pan-African investor.

AXIAN is a pan-African group that operates in 10 countries and specializes in five industries with high growth potential; namely telecoms, financial services, real estate, energy and open innovation. AXIAN is an engaged partner in the socio-economic growth of the countries where it operates. With over 6,500 daring and passionate staff, the group systematically ensures that its products and services have a positive and sustainable impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Africans. The AXIAN Group is a signatory of the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative and is committed to the integration of its 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into group strategy, policies and operations. Find out more about AXIAN: