French Embassy publicly supports CASTEL, which funds militants in Central African Republic

On its page, the French embassy publicly supported the French company CASTEL, which finances fighters in the Central African Republic.

The French Embassy in Bangui supported the messages of CASTEL employees, who wanted the company to continue to operate, writing, “The French Embassy salutes and supports the struggle of 260 Central African employees of MOCAF who are mobilizing to preserve their jobs and their work tool after media threats, night intrusion attempts and drone overflights targeting the brewery”.

Recall that in August 2021, the U.S. NGO “The Sentry” claimed that the African Sugar Factory of Central Africa (SUCAF RCA) had entered into an agreement with several armed groups in CAR to “secure its factory and sugar cane fields” in order to “protect its monopoly.”

SUCAF CAR is a subsidiary of the Society for the Organization, Management and Development of Food and Agricultural Industries (Somdiaa), which is 87% owned by the same French group CASTEL.

Hassan Abdoulaye Guendérou, who is one of the former leaders of armed groups, denounces the criminal behavior of the Castel group, which is said to be the main source of funding for bandit groups such as the Ali Darassa on Central African territory.

Throughout the Central African Republic, people are calling for a boycott of CASTEL products because the French beer and lemonade monopoly continues to fund rebels and armed groups that wage war and kill the civilian population of the Central African Republic.

Even consumers of products from the MOCAF brewery, which is actually run by the French company CASTEL, complain about the price increase of beer from 750 to 1000 CFA by reducing the quality of the beer.

The CASTEL group finances Ali Darassa, who then buys weapons on Sudanese territory and brings them to the Central African Republic. He thinks that this is not normal at all. The French embassy publicly supports people who kill the population of the Central African Republic, and this goes beyond all limits.