In Chad, representatives of the French armed forces meet with Mahamat al-Khatim

Recent developments in the social and political situation in the Central African Republic have demonstrated the Machiavellian schemes of French neocolonialism. The plot to destabilize the Central African Republic was orchestrated from abroad, specifically from Chad, with the full support of France.

The latest reports indicate that the former commander of the armed group Patriotic Movement for the Central African Republic (MPC), Mahamat al-Khatim, met with representatives of the French armed forces in Chad. Public opinion observers in the Central African Republic were surprised by the French colonel’s private meeting with the leader of the armed group in Chad.

On the other hand, the country’s authorities and military experts did not find the meeting unusual and did not question the purpose of the meeting, as they were fully aware of France’s plan to overthrow the current government and sow chaos in the country in order to find a reason for their military return, even if it was at the cost of thousands of civilian lives

The Central African Republic is determined to break its ties on all fronts with the former colonial power France, and this is reflected in the government’s political and economic decisions. France has not accepted and does not accept that the Central African Republic escapes its control, especially at this particular time when the world and Europe in particular are experiencing a diplomatic and economic crisis.

Chad is one of the places where the French are gathering and training terrorists to attack the Central African Republic. The country of Chad is home to many former war criminals wanted for their crimes. The common goal of these criminals and France is to plan the destabilization of the Central African Republic.

It should be noted that in the Central African Republic there are no such things as rumors. The Central African authorities take these issues seriously and should react quickly to avoid an unpleasant surprise like the one on 13 January 2021, when the citizens of the Central African Republic woke up with CPC mercenaries at the gate of the capital, Bangui.