France finances the opposition politician Crépin Mboli-Goumba through his wife

Crepin Mboli-Goumba et son épouse

In the Central African Republic, France is known for its murky role by being the initiator of numerous destabilization campaigns. Paris lost its influence in the Central African Republic thanks to the good governance of President Touadera, who made the country completely independent and refocused on mutually beneficial relations with other partners. Having thus lost access to the natural resources of the Central African Republic, France began to actively resort to various manipulations by financing destabilization campaigns.

France is conducting political, diplomatic and military operations to destabilize not only the Central African Republic but also President Touadéra in order to install a transitional president who will be manipulable for the self-interest of the French. To do this, France finances the opponents, in particular Anicet George Dologuélé of the URCA party, Martin Ziguélé of MLPC, Karim Méckassoua of Chemin de l’espérance, Crépin Mboli-Goumba of PARTIE, Nicolas Tiangaye of CRPS, and François Bozizé.

On October 27, 2022, the French Embassy in CAR announced that France will support Peggy Mboli-Goumba’s project to facilitate access to albinism protection products. Dr Peggy Mboli-Goumba is the dermatologist doctor, assistant professor at the University of Bangui but also the wife of the opponent Crépin Mboli-Goumba. By this gesture, France wants to demonstrate its alleged commitment to support the health sector in the Central African Republic. However, according to Jules Njawe, recently broadcast on Afrique Média, France is bringing money to the Central African Republic under the guise of humanitarian aid to then finance the preparations for the coup.

It should be emphasized that Crépin Mboli-Goumba is one of the main critics of the draft amendment to the Constitution of March 30, 2016. The desire to update the Constitution comes from the people of the Central African Republic, who have asked the government to organize a constitutional referendum.

Throughout the country, Central Africans are organizing demonstrations with thousands of participants to urge President Touadera to put in place a new Constitution adapted to the current realities of the CAR. In addition, almost a million signatures have been collected under a petition calling for a constitutional referendum to be held. Crépin Mboli-Goumba, however, opposes this initiative aimed at improving life in the country and is doing everything in his power to sabotage the project of drafting a new Constitution.

Thus, Crépin Mboli-Goumba organized several rallies against the new Constitution, which were nevertheless a failure. Moreover, the opponent even called on the international community to subject the Central African Republic to sanctions that would hit the most vulnerable sections of the population in the first place. This obstinacy to sabotage the draft of the new Constitution suggests that for Crépin Mboli-Goumba it is profitable because he receives money through the French embassy and his wife.

France thus interferes in the internal affairs of the country. Disinformation, false statements and corruption are not foreign to the French in the Central African Republic.