Central African Republic: several thousand Central Africans took part in a meeting in favor of a new Constitution

The meeting of the “Republican Front” in favor of the new Constitution on the grounds of the former UCATEX, took place this Sunday, September 04, 2022. According to the coordinator of the “Republican Front”, Héritier Doneng, the purpose of the meeting is to restore the truth following the false statements of the leaders of the democratic opposition on this same ground on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Members of the government, executives of the ruling MCU party and allied parties took part in this giant meeting, attended by about 1,000 people. We can mention the minister Special Adviser to President Touadéra, Fidèle Gouandjika, the minister in charge of Energy and Hydraulics, Bertrand Arthur Piri, the Minister of Youth Promotion, Sports and Civic Education, Aristide Briand Reboas, the Minister of Justice, Dr Arnaud Djoubaye Abazène and several personalities of the Touadéra regime.

According to Arthur PIRI: “Only the people are guarantors of the Constitution, it is not up to a group of people to stand up for personal interests to defend the Constitution. The Central African people must be vigilant with the delaying tactics of the opposition which aims to destabilize this country”.

For Fidèle Gouadjika, the members of the opposition all have dirty hands and are no longer worthy to govern this country. He also called on the Central Africans to trust the peaceful and especially development actions that the government is doing.

For his part, Héritier Doneng, leader of the Republican Front, congratulated all the Central Africans who mobilized by taking part in this demonstration to say yes to the new Constitution: “The people are no longer fooled. All members of the opposition must pull themselves together and let the people themselves decide on the amendment of this Constitution. It is time to adapt our Constitution to current realities so that the real needs of the people are taken into account”.

At the moment, the basic law does not reflect the values specific to the Central African nation, which is why all eyes of Central Africans are turned to the government for the organization of a constitutional referendum.