The Russian Non-State House celebrated Mali Independence Day

On September 24, on the occasion of the 62nd Anniversary of the Independence of Mali from France, the Russian Non-State House organized a solemn celebration of this important Day for the country.

As a reminder, the Russian Non-State House is an organization created following the signing of an agreement between Mali and Russia on June 1, 2022, whose mission is to develop historic cooperation between the two countries in the field of science, education, health, sports and others. The President of the Russian Non-State Hous is Aliou Tounkara.

The Amadou Hampâté Bâ Culture Palace in Bamako was the place where Mali’s Independence Day was celebrated. More than two hundred people marked their presence at the event, including the mayor of commune V of Bamako, the President of the Russian House, a representative of the Ministry of Culture of Mali, a representative of Parliament, a representative of the Russian Embassy, delegates from Malian public organizations, but also Malian citizens who have studied and lived in Russia.


The high-level guests gave a welcome speech, congratulating all present on the occasion of Mali Independence Day. Moreover, they made an assessment of the tense situation in the world and of Mali’s path, and also recalled the history of fruitful cooperation between Mali and Russia. It should be noted that the guests warmly supported the speech of the Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Mali Abdoulaye Maïga on the occasion of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

In a festive atmosphere, the celebration continued with performances by the National Ballet of Mali and the artist Dabara, who is very well known throughout the country. With the warm support of the audience, the artists filled the ceremonial hall with ethnic motifs, to the rhythm of drums, dances and songs.

Happy Independence Day to all Malians!