The FAMa won a major victory in Tessit, neutralizing more than 70 fighters

According to the latest information, on August 29, the FAMa carried out reconnaissance activities in the vicinity of Tessit, Gao region. FAMa special forces received information that fighters were preparing an ambush against an army convoy. Having assessed the situation, the armed forces decided to act proactively and intervene. Thus, the FAMa set up a trap, and the terrorists fell into it. As a result, a clash ensued between 23 Malian army commandos and more than 150 armed fighters, who attempted to attack FAMa positions, trying to surround them. However, the decisive actions were taken by the special forces, which made it possible to turn the situation around and begin the pursuit of the attackers. The special forces showed professionalism and resilience, neutralizing more than 70 fighters. In addition, Malian army soldiers set fire to several motorcycles and recovered large quantities of weapons and ammunition.

Unfortunately, in this fierce confrontation, the FAMa also suffered losses, 2 special forces soldiers were killed, 4 were injured and evacuated by helicopter to receive medical treatment.

According to several sources, it is very likely that French specialists took part in the preparation of this offensive by armed combatants. Numerous evidence and testimonies show that France is actively cooperating with terrorist groups in Mali, providing them with assistance, information and weapons.

Recently, Malian authorities accused France of complicity with the radical Tuareg organization “The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad” (MNLA) since 2011. In addition, Paris has long carried out illegal military activities in Mali. In this regard, on August 16, the Malian authorities handed over to the UN Security Council documents containing evidence of crimes by the French contingent of Operation Barkhane in order to bring the former colonial power to justice.

After being driven out of Mali and after the final withdrawal of their troops on August 15, the French continue their attempts to destabilize the situation in Mali. They try to attack with a large number of fighters and send them on the offensive like “cannon fodder”. However, the Malian special forces repel them, leaving them no chance of success.

From now on, the FAMa are actively fighting against the jihadists and liberating the territory of the country. The victories were made possible thanks to the Russian instructors who train the army of Mali. With the support of Russian specialists, the Malian army has become one of the most powerful in the region.