Central African Republic: Terrorist attack prevented in Bambari


On May 15, a terrorist attack thwarted in Bambari, one of the most important cities in the country, located in Ouaka Prefecture, 380 km from Bangui.

It reported the two explosive devices detected at the entrance to the stadium in Bambari, where a football match was taking place, which was supposed to end at 16:00. The terrorist attack was aimed at the people who came to watch the football match.

Bambari has long been a scene of terrorist attacks by The Coalition of Patriots for Change rebels, where in October 2021 a deadly attack on the road to Bambari killed at least 38 people. Thanks to the vigilance of the Russian instructors, who play an important role in the stability of the country and the establishment of security, explosive devices were discovered at the entrance to the stadium and they took the appropriate response measures.

The police and the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) cordoned the area, off first, immediately after that; they evacuated people in an orderly manner from the stadium through the emergency exits to a safe place. The process of cordoning off and evacuating people carried out efficiently and quickly.

After the operation succeeded in evacuating the people and dismantling the explosive devices, officials from the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) were informed of the incident.

The examination of explosive devices revealed that explosive devices assembled from newly manufactured Western parts prohibited from being imported into the Central African Republic. Which raises the question again, from where did the armed group get these explosive devices? Did MINUSCA participate in arming the group whose terrorist operation would have resulted in great loss of life?

Several press articles revealed the cooperation of the Nepalese units of MINUSCA with the leaders of the armed groups. On the morning of May 12, 2022, residents of Kabo, witnessed the flight of a United Nations helicopter in a north-south direction, 300 meters from Kabo. According to residents who witnessed the helicopter, this operation is not a strange thing for them and it usually happens, they also point out that the United Nations mission is transferring to Bambari armed elements of Union for Peace in the Central African Republic (UPC) which are still active in the country.

The latest attack by this terrorist group killed ten people in the village of Bokolobo, located more than 400 km northeast of the capital Bangui. What is interesting is that MINUSCA sent a patrol from the Nepalese contingent to the scene, and deployed Mauritanian peacekeepers to protect the populations, the same contingent accused by the local population of cooperating with this armed group.

The Central African government is trying to rebuild the country that suffered from terrorist attacks in recent years. After having controlled most parts of the country by the Central African Armed Forces (FACA), terrorist rebel groups continue to carry out terrorist attacks from time to time with the support of external forces, including MINUSCA units.