Central Africans say « Stop MINUSCA »

Another « Stop MINUSCA » action took place in the Central African capital on October 26, 2021 at the PK-16 neighborhood. Many residents came out with signs with the posters saying « Stop MINUSCA » to block the traffic of the cars of the UN peacekeepers. Such demonstrations have recently spread throughout the Central African Republic to denounce numerous MINUSCA crimes. Thus, people express their dissatisfaction with the UN mission, which does nothing to protect the civilian population from the terrorists and armed bandits.

The « Stop MINUSCA » campaign began in July 2021 with the aim of blocking the passage of MINUSCA trucks and was then taken over by many cities such as Bria, Bossangoa, Mbaïki, Lobaye and many others. People, shocked by the growing reports of fatal accidents caused by peacekeepers, have decided to express their anger towards MINUSCA and prevent the movement of their vehicles that sow death.

It should be recalled that in May 2021 the Central African Selo Azos, aged 37, was rammed to death by Tanzanian peacekeepers of MINUSCA, in the village Gbambia, 3km from the town of Amadagaza, a locality located in the Mamberé-Kadéi prefecture in the west of the Central African Republic. Another fatal accident caused by a Mission vehicle on motorcycle taxi drivers occurred in the 5th district of Bangui in July 2021. And these are not the only examples, the drivers of the UN vehicles of MINUSCA are at the origin of many fatal road traffic accidents in the country. At the same time, it is typical for peacekeepers to leave the scene of the crime and offer relatives of the victims ridiculous sums for silence.

Fatal accidents are not the only cause of popular discontent with MINUSCA. Peacekeepers have been repeatedly accused of complicity with armed groups. While the rebels kill, loot and rape the civilian population, MINUSCA remains indifferent. Central Africans believe that peacekeepers have mutually beneficial cooperation with the rebels: providing ammunition and weapons in exchange for diamonds. There is widespread evidence that the rebels use European-made mines and weapons and that MINUSCA’s main bases are in mining areas.

People do not feel safe when there are peacekeepers in their cities, so with the help of the action « Stop MINUSCA », they prevent their movement and demand to leave the Central African Republic.