IPS and invest in Dubai attract 12929 visitors on first day of the event which will be running daily until 20th November via Events10x.com

An overwhelming number of 12, 929 visitors from different parts of the world participated at The International Property Show (IPS), in partnership with Invest in Dubai Real Estate (IID), an initiative of the Dubai Land Department (DLD), as it concludes its opening day.

The interactive 10-day virtual event continued to gain momentum since its launch on the 11th of November as it showcased the latest and the most modern technology to offer huge real estate opportunities for thousands of local and international visitors through the numerous offerings organised by the Dubai Land Department, in collaboration with the organising committee of Strategic Events and Exhibitions.

The largest virtual event in the real estate industry welcomed the presence of an impressive line-up of high-level government officials at DLD including His Excellency Sultan Butti bin Mejren, the Director General of DLD, and Ms. Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Sector at DLD; His Excellency Juma Bin Humaidan, Deputy Director of Dubai Land Department; Ms. Majida Al Rashid, the CEO of Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management Sector at DLD; Engr. Marwan bin Ghalita, CEO of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA); Mr. Majid Al Marri, the CEO of the Registration and Real Estate Services Sector; Ms. Latifa Ibrahim Ahmed, Senior Director of Real Estate Studies & Research Department at DLD; and Ms. Hend Al Marri, the CEO of Dubai Real Estate Institute.

The successful opening of the virtual edition of The International Property Show and Invest in Dubai Real Estate is just the beginning. The event certainly helps us in realising our vision to transform Dubai into the number one real estate destination in the world in terms of innovation, trust, and happiness. Using the latest digital technology, it is a powerful catalyst in propelling the real estate industry in Dubai and highlight its strengths to different countries around the world. Through the wide variety of never-before-seen digital activities to maximise all possibilities for growth, we are certain that the whole duration of the event will be successful,” said HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren, the Director General of Dubai Land Department.

Via its virtual venue Events 10X, the global audience got the unique opportunity to experience an unparalleled real estate virtual event as they explored market-leading offers from local and international developers and real estate brokers from the Virtual Exhibition, as well as enjoyed special rates and exclusive deals offered by banks and other financial institutions, legal service providers, real estate agents, and property auction houses.

The local and international participants were also able to know the latest and most-renowned projects of developers through virtual walkthroughs, conduct meetings and business transactions in a secure virtual environment, and connect with thousands of participants from all over the world.

I trust that the solid collaboration of Invest in Dubai Real Estate & International Property Show is a significant contributor to the implementation of the Dubai Land Department’s initiatives to further grow the real estate sector in Dubai and deepen its global reputation as a leading investment destination. As an event that showcases Dubai to the whole world, I believe our mission to fortify the emirate’s leading status as an investor-friendly city is fully attained, through the events’ several digital activities aimed towards providing opportunities for all the members of the real estate community,” stated HE Majida Ali Rashid, CEO, Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Sector at DLD.

The event is more than just an exhibition as it offers magnificent virtual access to a wide range of digital activities that have never been offered in our previous editions, nor in other real estate events in the Middle East.

This unique edition offers a fresh perspective to everyone through our newest activities that showcased our creativity and innovation during challenging times. For instance, we have Meet the Influencers where we give the real estate community the chance to meet the leading social media influencers in real estate, and know their insights about a wide variety of industry topics. We also have a dedicated activity to meet the media, developers, agents, and businesses which is a meet and greet event to allow our participants to interact with them,” stated Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi, the Head of the Organising Committee of Invest in Dubai Real Estate and International Property Show.

We’re also featuring a Talk Show, which will be guesting the CEOs of the Dubai Land Department so people can learn from their expert viewpoints. In addition, we highlighted Dubai’s global retirement programme, the Retire in Dubai, that offers a 5-year visa for residents and non-residents who qualify for retirement in the Emirate through our Retirement in Dubai activity where people can have a deeper understanding about the program,” he furthered.

Another highlight of the 10-day event is the Invest in Dubai Programme where specific dates are set to welcome different nationalities coming from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, India, Latin America, and Africa, to participate in interactive activities where everything will be communicated in their own native languages.

The Virtual Edition was packed with a new set of activities and kicked off its second day with the ASK DLD activity, with Kaltham Mohamed Emad Almudharreb, Senior Executive Communication, which provided the participants, especially several investors seeking to invest in properties within Dubai, with detailed information on the rules and regulations of owning and managing properties in the Emirate and other valuable topics related to Dubai real estate.

The event brought together global policymakers and experts within the real estate industry from all around the world, and provided insights at this highly informative Global Real Estate Leaders Debate which talked about what is expected in the coming years and which segments of the real estate markets need to be critically analysed by investors.

The session was moderated by Joseph Morris, the Executive Managing Director of Capital Markets, Real Estate, Cantor Fitzgerald; and Debaters Andrew Weir, Global Chair of Asset Management and Real Estate, KPMG International, Iseeb Rehman, the Global CEO of Sherwoods International Property; and Atif Rahman, Director & Partner of Danube Properties.

Training sessions from the Dubai Real Estate Institute also attracted a big number of attendees as they presented different topics that are highly beneficial for real estate professionals and for the young generation who wants to pursue a career in real estate. The session, Emirati Young Realtors Program, delivered by renowned speaker Dr. Ebraheim Lahbash, Certified Trainer at the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), empowered high achieving students with practical training opportunities in real estate to start a career in this lucrative field.

In addition, the event featured the session “We are very close to the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t miss the opportunity” that explored the trends and opportunities within the real estate sector, which was led by Dr George Maurice, a Senior DREI Consultant.

Lastly, In Meet the Influencers, the audience was able to meet Shams Al-Attar, the Co-Founder of La Hun Middle East who spoke about the reasons why Dubai is the best place to live in, as she shared her experiences to a wide international audience.

You know with Dubai, the government, the locals, Emiratis, they’re really great at making you feel like you are home. Regardless of you being an expat, or here for a short amount of time. The Emiratis are so nice, they’re so hospitable. And even when I go to applications and Dubai Municipality or everything, I always get treated with respect. You won’t feel like you live here alone because there are different communities and there are different initiatives you can be part of. There are different meetups or clubs that you can join. Dubai is a well-rounded city. It has everything for everyone. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find it here. Amazing people, amazing communities so diverse, but so nice. And most importantly, it’s so safe, and you will feel like home here,” stated Shams Al Attar.

Free registration is still ongoing for all visitors. You can visit https://event10x.com/event/invest-in-dubai-real-estate-and-international-property-show-virtual-exhibition-YfglEwRUYBC to register for the event.