UAE Society of Engineers Calls for Nominations in 3rd Excellence and Creative Engineering Award

The UAE Society of Engineers has announced the opening of nominations for participants in the third session of the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award 2024. The aim is to motivate engineers within the country to excel, create, and innovate by providing advanced engineering solutions. This initiative aims to foster a spirit of competition and leadership while promoting excellence in various fields of engineering, contributing to the prominence and prosperity of engineering work in the United Arab Emirates.

In the previous session held in 2023, the award received 378 applications, from which 29 winners were honored across different categories. These categories include legal entities represented by engineering offices, institutions, companies, and departments, as well as individual awards targeting creative individuals. This reflects the commitment of the organizing team to achieve the award’s overarching goals in line with the association’s strategies and aspirations.

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, President of the UAE Society of Engineers, emphasized the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award’s leading position within engineering circles in the country. He highlighted its crucial role in showcasing the best innovative and successful engineering practices and models, aimed at benefiting and applying them to develop and grow engineering projects across various fields.

Al Ali stated, “Today, we announce the opening of registration and participation for the third year of the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award. Applications will be accepted until mid-November via the award’s website . Our goal is to inspire engineers to innovate and provide sustainable solutions and practices. This initiative aims to encourage institutions, companies, and individuals to adopt an active, competitive, and inspiring environment to explore new horizons and achieve leadership, excellence, and unprecedented accomplishments in engineering fields, thereby contributing to a better and sustainable future for all.”

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, President of the UAE Society of Engineers, added, “The UAE places great emphasis on enhancing the professional and cognitive levels of engineers. This is achieved through continuous support for scientific research centers, universities, and specialized associations, as well as through initiatives like the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award. These efforts provide developmental opportunities for qualified youth in the engineering sector.”

Award categories

The award comprises two main categories: Legal Personality and Individual, encompassing a total of 13 subcategories. Under Legal Personality, awards include the Pioneering Engineering Project, Best Engineering Consultancy Company, Best Engineering Services Company, Best Construction Company, Best Industrial Company, Best Startup Engineering Company, and Best Scientific Research in the Engineering Field. The Pioneering Engineering Project category is further divided into three subcategories: Best Mega Project, Best Medium Project, and Best Small Project.

In the Individuals category, awards include Leading Personnel, Outstanding Engineer, Outstanding Student, and Rising Engineer. The award targets government and private entities in the field, including consultants, engineering
service providers, industrial companies, emerging engineering firms, contractors, students, faculty members in educational institutions, research centers, project owners, and project management companies.

Participating firms are evaluated by a specialized committee of Emirati engineering experts according to international standards of excellence and innovation in the engineering sector. The process ensures complete transparency and high accuracy from nomination and evaluation through to announcing the results.

The Engineering Excellence and Creativity Award was launched in March 2022, under the directives of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God rest his soul, marking the first of its kind in the UAE. It aims to foster a culture of creativity and elevate the pace of innovative competition in engineering designs and projects, aligned with the country’s strategies and national projects striving for leadership, quality, and excellence across various sectors.
Since its establishment in 1979, the UAE Society of Engineers, organizer of the Award, has seen over 70,000 engineers join its membership. Over this period, it has achieved significant milestones in accrediting engineering certifications, regulating professional practices and standards, and enhancing skills and qualifications for all UAE engineers through its Accreditations Committee.