Top 10 Universities in Canada in 2020

Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. In fact, 30 of its universities are nominated in the World University Rankings 200 provided by Times Higher Education. The education system in Canada is one of the best in the world since its structure is so well-defined. Studying in Canada is recommended for any international student, since the country provides so many benefits. The Canadian quality of life ranks highest in the world, the cost to study and live are affordable, and the path to success is paved with many career opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 universities in Canada for this year and why they stand out.

  1. University of Toronto

This university is controlled by the Church of England but structured like a college, like most English universities. They offer a good learning environment and excellent courses and facilities that update according to existing technologies. Their classes are divided into online and offline, and include those in the Arts and Humanities, Business, Finance, and Management, Career Development and Communication, Creative Writing, Health and Social Sciences, Information and Technology, Languages, Learning Design, and Marketing.

Cool fact: an academic movement came to life here and several discoveries in science and stem cell treatment have been brought to life here.

  1. McGill University

This public research university has been around since the 1821s and is one of the best in Canada, as I mentioned. The royal family funded the foundation of this university, changing its name to McGill University only in 1885. It is worth mentioning that McGill is the only Canadian institution to be represented in the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum, which comprises the world’s top institutions. Many students today live in the park side of the campus which is not only rustic but also relaxing.

Cool fact: this university is Canada’s first faculty of medicine and scores high for most clinical subjects to this day.

  1. University of Montreal

University of Montreal is francophone and ranks high in the top universities in Canada. Many students applying here look for admission essay help for French subjects and other criteria that must be met. University of Montreal’s campus is nice, cozy, and friendly, with a quarter of students being international. The university offers a wide variety of courses and sports, including badminton, hockey, and Canadian football.

Cool fact: former prime minister Pierre Trudeau graduated University of Montreal.

  1. McMaster University

This university is located right next to the Royal Botanical Gardens, making its campus extremely beautiful. It has been named of William McMaster, which was a Canadian senator who donated a serious amount of money to the institution once he became a banker. Some of the most common subjects here are in the sectors of business, humanities, health, and engineering. McMaster University is renowned for its emphasis on research.

Cool fact: students at McMaster come from more than 90 countries.

  1. University of British Columbia

This is one of the most popular universities in Canada. It is prestigious, competitive, and offers quite some scholarships once you get in. One of the most popular ones is the Donald Wehrung International Student Award for students from war-torn countries. The university has many Nobel prizewinners and until this day, no less than 71 Rhodes scholars.

Cool fact: University of British Columbia offers an undergrad program in Paris!

  1. University of Alberta

University of Alberta is renowned for ranking up in the Canadian top best universities, making this experience life-changing. You could apply for either grad or undergrad programs here. The graduate studies feature more than 500 graduate programs and over 250 specializations. The university is currently pursuing studies on how Dementia affects the elders and other interesting topics.

Cool fact: University of Alberta has five campuses, so you could choose whichever one fits your needs best!

  1. York University

Located in Toronto, York University is a public research institution and Canada’s third-largest. Their programs of study include both graduate and undergraduate levels and range from the Arts to the Sciences. The study body is quite large with about 53,000 students receiving education here each year.

Cool fact: York University is well known for its Law Program.

  1. University of Ottawa

The largest bilingual university in Canada, University of Ottawa helps students find their future from undergrad to grad school. The vibrant center here helps the advancement of society – students come from all over the world to learn, research, and achieve academic excellence. This university is always open to receiving applications but try not to be late!

Cool fact: ranks 279th in the QS Global World Ranking.

  1. University of Victoria

When it comes to research, this is one of the top-notch universities in Canada. University of Victoria is known for its dynamic learning opportunities and is mentioned in many North American research papers as it partners with universities from the United States.

Cool fact: it is home to the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions!

  1. Simon Fraser University

SFU was founded in 1965 but its spirit remained young. It’s been rated one of the best and most comprehensive university in Canada for the last five years. The student body doesn’t exceed 30,000 for undergrads and 6,000 for grads.

Cool fact: SFU’s tagline is “Canada’s engaged university.”

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