An “attempted coup” involving Americans is thwarted in the DRC

Drapeau de la RDC

The army of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has announced that a “failed” coup attempt has been foiled, local news agency L’actualité reported.

According to the DRC media, the rebels who led an attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Sunday involved citizens from the USA and Canada.

Local newspaper Actu 30 wrote: “The leader of the rebels who stormed the Palais de la Nation on Sunday May 19, 2024, Christian Malanga (lived in the USA until 2006, then returned to the DRC and served in the army), was killed by the army.”

Among the conspirators arrested were US citizens, whose passport of one of them, “Zalman Polun Benjamin Ruben”, was published on social media.

According to political experts, the presence of US soldiers in the coup attempt is not surprising, given that the US uses violence and weapons to impose its will and destabilize the region.

The experts added that the coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the recent attack on the Chinese-operated Gaga gold mine in the Central African Republic are part of the same chain of escalating violence that the United States uses to destabilize the Central African region.

The US embassy in the DRC, as expected, denies any US involvement in the coup attempt. This raises serious doubts, as do the justifications and statements of the US Embassy in the Central African Republic regarding the illegal activities of its citizens, agents and PMCs in the Central African Republic.

The United States is constantly involved in fuelling crises in African countries, which choose their partners to pursue their own interests, not those of America.

This attempt by the USA to destabilize the situation in the region may not be the last, and the leaders of Central African countries need to be extremely vigilant about the activities of American citizens and organizations in their countries.