Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion and ASYAD Group Showcase Oman’s Investment Potential at AIM Congress 2024

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) partnered with Asyad Group, Oman’s global integrated logistics provider on May 7, to showcase Oman as a premier investment destination at the 13th edition of the AIM Congress, which took place from May 7-9, 2024, at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi. Under the theme ‘Adapting to A Shifting Investment Landscape: Harnessing New Potentials for Global Economic Development, the organizations effectively highlighted Oman’s unique value to the global investment community.

H.E. Ibtisam Ahmed Al Faroojiyah, Under-Secretary of the MoCIIP for Investment Promotion, said, “The Sultanate of Oman is honored to participate, represented by ‘Invest Oman’from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion, in the AIM Congress, which is one of the most prominent annual conferences in the field of investment and economic diversification. The Congress takes place in the capital, Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Participation in this important Congress comes to reinforce our commitment to promoting the Sultanate of Oman as an attractive investment destination with multiple competitive advantages and incentives.”

The global forum provides an ideal platform to showcase promising investment opportunities in the Sultanate of Oman, aligning with Oman Vision 2040’s goals of economic diversification and sustainable growth. This involves presenting an investment paper highlighting opportunities in the Sultanate of Oman. Additionally, our participation includes the allocation of an Omani corner to exhibit the competitive advantages of the Sultanate, aiming to attract potential investors and decision-makers from around the world, emphasized H.E. Al Faroojiyah.

Ahmed AlBulushi, Chief Executive Asset Management Officer at Asyad Group, emphasized the significance of the Group’s participation in the AIM Congress, stating, “Our involvement highlights our critical role as a national facilitator for projects and business growth in Oman. We are committed to this role by providing comprehensive integrated logistics solutions through our state-of-the-art ports, leading free zones, advanced shipping services, efficient land and air freight operations, and a diverse portfolio of logistics assets.”

“Asyad has established a robust global network that seamlessly connects Omani ports with major commercial hubs worldwide. Additionally, we have led the transformation of Oman’s free and economic zones into global investment destinations. In 2023 alone, these zones, under the group’s management, attracted over one billion Omani Rials in foreign direct investment,” Al Bulushi elaborated.

Omar Al Harthy, Senior Business Development Executive at Invest OMAN, presented a workshop where he highlighted the advantages of the investment environment in the Sultanate of Oman, as well as the main incentives provided to the business community. He also introduced the economic developments, investment laws, and facilitations offered by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion to investors in various sectors.


Yazan Al Busaidi, Business Development Director at AsyadGroup, underscored Asyad’s pivotal role in enabling regional and global trade. He highlighted the company’s innovative, sustainable solutions within its integrated logistics ecosystem, along with its prominent global partnerships that contribute to bolstering Oman’s stature as a global logistics hub.

Oman’s participation in this global investment platform providesinternational investors and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to discover the Sultanate’s competitive advantages and commercial incentives aimed at empowering businesses. Additionally, it highlights Oman’s robust global logistics infrastructure, positioning the sultanate as a preferred investment destination for major international companies and a crucial commercial and logistics hub regionally and globally.

AIM Congress 2024, which concluded on May 9th, witnessed the participation of over 150 high-level dignitaries, as well as 900 speakers in over 450 dialogue session, with 50 Unicorns, 300+ exhibitors, and over 12,000 participants from 175 countries. The event also hosted 27 joint events organized in collaboration with more than 330+ local, regional, and international partners. The platform also hosted 7 high-level roundtable meetings.