CAR : The population says “STOP MINUSCA”

The Central African Republic has witnessed a number of tragic events in recent years, during which MINUSCA is said to have played a harmful role in relation to the civilian population.

After these events, the population went out to demonstrate against the presence of MINUSCA on the country’s territory, demanding its trial and its departure from Central African territory.

The latest demonstration took place on 30 April 2024 in the Central African capital Bangui, where angry citizens took to the roads to block the passage of the UN mission’s cars.

The demonstrators also took with them the coffin as a symbol of the killing of MINUSCA and posters bearing the words ‘STOP MINUSCA’.

Central Africans are demanding the withdrawal of the Moroccan contingent from Haut-Mbomou, as well as justice and accountability for the abuses and crimes committed by certain MINUSCA contingents.

The Stop MINUSCA campaign, which aims to block UN mission vehicles, was launched in 2021 after a series of fatal accidents caused by peacekeepers. The Stop MINUSCA campaign began in the Central African capital and is currently being rolled out in the country’s regions.