CAR : The inhabitants of Bangui resume the Stop MINUSCA campaign

During the day of this Monday, April 22, 2024, in the capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui, a group of disgruntled young people blocked the passage to the MINUSCA vehicle, through the “Stop MINUSCA” campaign.

It was at the exit of the Central African capital towards Boali that the scene had occurred. The inhabitants used the anti-MINUSCA campaign mode to publicly express their opinion. “Stop MINUSCA” is an action slogan adopted by the Central African population to express disagreement with the UN mission.

Through this slogan, which has become popular in the Central African Republic, Protestants denounce the inaction of the peacekeepers in the face of attacks by CPC rebels who terrorize civilians and oppose the authority of the Central African state. In addition, it recently emerged that some MINUSCA contingents, such as the Moroccan contingent and the Portuguese, had established mutually beneficial cooperation with the bandits, exchanging gold for ammunition. It is also frequently proven that the peacekeepers are helping the rebels by providing them with food, medicine and shelter, which has caused real outrage among the Central Africans who are suffering from the terror of these bandits.

Thus, through the action “Stop MINUSCA”, the Central Africans express their opposition to the criminal activities of the UN mission. MINUSCA is not fulfilling its mandate to ensure the safety of civilians and is only exacerbating the security situation by cooperating with the CPC rebels and supporting them. That is why the Stop MINUSCA protesters are demanding the immediate withdrawal of the peacekeepers from the country.

It should be recalled that the Stop MINUSCA campaign was launched in Bangui in July 2021 and that it has since spread to many cities in the country. The Central Africans resist the presence of MINUSCA which, after 10 years of deployment, has not given satisfactory results but has rather exacerbated the security situation.