MINUSCA accused by the “Central African Synergy” of complicity with the CPC rebels

The press conference room of the Boganda Stadium was the scene of an important event on April 20th. Social activist, leader and coordinator of the Central African Synergy organization, Euloge Doctrouvé Koi held a press conference during which he spoke about the serious violations committed by the MINUSCA contingents.

At first, he recalled that since the beginning of 2024, many brutal crimes committed by militants have taken place in the country. At the same time, the Peacekeepers remained inactive, even when events were taking place right next to them. This fact suggests their complicity in the spread of horror and suffering among the civilian population.

And the Minusca contingents, located in the south-east of the country, found themselves at the center of a scandal after the testimony of Hissen Issa, a former FPRC fighter now in the custody of the security forces. Issa mentioned the close cooperation of the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA with the FPRC and the UPC. Thus, according to the testimony of the detainee, the group was engaged in mining, in particular gold and diamonds, some of which were then exchanged for weapons and ammunition with a group of Moroccan soldiers from MINUSCA. He also spoke about their contribution to the escalation of the conflict between Muslims and Christians in the Haut-Mbomou prefecture.

Euloge Doctrouvé Koi supported his remarks with a video of Hissène Issa talking about the interaction between the FPRC and the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA. In addition, he showed a photograph in which Issa, as a fighter of the FPRC, is sitting in a blue helmet next to the Moroccan peacekeepers.

In the light of the facts discovered, Euloge Doctrouvé Koi announced his intention to send letters to UN representatives and international experts. The purpose of these letters is to draw attention to the crimes related to the cooperation between MINUSCA and the militants.

Euloge Doctrouvé Koi called on MINUSCA to truly defend the civilian populations, alongside the Defense and Security Forces and their Russian and Rwandan allies, relying on the mandate, “than to massacre them by giving free rein to the hordes of lawless rebels”.

Such abuses and negative interactions with activists cause irreparable damage to efforts to restore peace and stability in the Central African Republic. MINUSCA was created to support and protect civilians, and not to collaborate with militants contrary to the principles and values of the United Nations.