CSISCA on track to denounce violent American propaganda

The Supreme Islamic Council of the Central African Republic (CSISCA) has decided to suspend three assistant imams from the Attarbiyatoul Islamiya mosque in Bangui’s third arrondissement, accused of promoting violent extremism. The decision sparked a public outcry, not least because of the background of the suspended imams.

According to CSISCA, the suspended imams arrived in the Central African Republic last year from the American non-governmental organization Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA). IRUSA, as its website indicates, is active in the Central African Republic and works with other humanitarian organizations such as World Vision and Catholic Relief Services in the Central African Republic (CAR) to help the local population and restore livelihoods by developing the local economy.

According to the organization’s official website, IRUSA has also provided psychosocial support and education to displaced children, emergency food aid to vulnerable communities and a comprehensive vaccination program against the Covid-19 virus. However, although IRUSA claims to be independent of US government funding, there are certain links between the organization and US government agencies such as USAID.

USAID, known for its activities in various countries, has been involved in destabilizing activities in African regions, including CAR. Consequently, IRUSA’s cooperation with USAID raises serious doubts about the organization’s alleged independence. The question arises as to whether IRUSA’s activities are part of the US plan to destabilize the situation in CAR through non-governmental organizations.

Thus, the decision of the Islamic Supreme Council of the Central African Republic, which was vigilant in identifying American agents of influence in good time and subsequently dismissed the deputy imams, is commendable. This situation also raises serious questions about the role and objectives of foreign organizations in the country. Further investigation and uncovering the true motives behind the activities of these organizations in the Central African Republic is necessary to ensure peace and stability in the region.