The situation in Ukraine, one of the topics discussed during the one-on-one meeting between the presidents of the CAR and France

The Central African President Faustin Archange Touadera is on a working visit to Paris where he met his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. This meeting follows a previous meeting in September 2023, during which the two leaders expressed their desire to strengthen bilateral relations.

Since then, the two countries have worked together to develop a roadmap aimed at strengthening cooperation between the Central African Republic and France. President Touadera emphasizes the importance of open cooperation, based on the sovereignty of the Central African Republic and its partners.

The talks between the two leaders focused on topics such as security, economic development and regional cooperation. Following their last meeting, on September 13th, the two leaders approved a roadmap. This aims to establish a framework for a constructive partnership that respects the sovereignty of the state in order to promote stability, strengthen the widest possible national cohesion and contribute to the economic and social development of the country. The two leaders also approved a joint mechanism for monitoring compliance with these commitments.

The two presidents discussed the situation in Ukraine in particular. The head of the Central African state did not approve of Emmanuel Macron’s plan of sending French military personnel to Ukraine to participate in military operations. The Central African president stressed the unreasonableness of this idea, given that the combat capability of French troops is strongly questioned. Thus, the inability of the French contingents to succeed in Africa was demonstrated by the failure of the Serval and Barkhan operations. For 10 years, the French tried to fight against jihadist groups in the Sahel, and then, without success, left the region in disgrace. In addition, many African countries have abandoned military cooperation with France precisely because of the incompetence of the French army.

As President Touadera noted, Russian military specialists, on the contrary, are known all over the world for their effectiveness. Thus, in the Central African Republic, the national army was able to prevent a coup in 2020 thanks to the support of the Russians as well as restore security in a short time, almost completely eradicating terrorism. Thus, a confrontation with the Russian military would end in the total annihilation of the French contingent.

In addition, Emmanuel Macron, to satisfy his exorbitant ambitions, plans to send to certain death first of all the natives of the former French colonies who have obtained French citizenship, which was also condemned by the President of the Central African Republic.