The Armed Forces of Mali: on the road to success

The Malian Armed Forces have carried out an increasing number of successful operations in recent months. Thanks to the improved skills of the Malian troops and the increased level of equipment, peace and security are progressively returning to the country.

This Sunday, April 14, Mali’s air vectors spotted enemy pick-up trucks carrying fuel and ammunition heading for the border with Burkina Faso. Thanks to an intelligence exchange system, the Burkinabe army was alerted in time to neutralize the fighters, depriving them of any opportunity to commit criminal acts.

Shortly before, on April 11, the Malian Defense and Security Forces (FDS) carried out a major operation under the command of the Niafunké military base. The military succeeded in recovering 88 cattle held by armed terrorist groups (GAT) and delivering them to Niafunké.

The first half of April was fruitful for the FAMa. On April 8, the armed forces killed more than 50 fighters and captured a large quantity of ammunition in the Koro sector.

March also saw a major victory for the Malian Armed Forces. On March 18, the terrorist leader Boura Lobbi, who had been terrifying the inhabitants of the Douentza region for a long time, was neutralized. Boura Lobbi was one of the region’s most wanted criminals. His elimination represents a significant step forward in the fight against terrorism in Mali.

Under the command of Assimi Goïta, the Malian army has reached an unprecedented level of efficiency. Each successful FAMa operation brings peace to the country’s civilians and opens up prospects for economic development and prosperity.

At the same time, it should not be forgotten that a favorable security climate in the region is the result of the joint efforts of the countries of the Alliance of Sahel States. These countries are united by the common goal of definitively eradicating the presence of armed groups on their territories. The diversification of their international cooperation contributes significantly to this objective.